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The First IEEE International Conference on Ubi-media Computing

July 15 to 16, the first IEEE international conference on ubi-media was held in the Lanzhou University,which sponsored by the IEEE Beijing section and organized by Lanzhou University. The vice president of Lanzhou University,Xu Shangcheng ,open-source software real-time system director of Lanzhou University, President of School of Information Science and Engineering,Li Lian attended the opening ceremony.

This confernece invited 5 famous sciencists at home and abroad to lecture,including AAAs,ACM IEEE Fellow of the University of Illinois Electrical and Computer Engineering Rrsearch Center,Denjamin W.Wah; IEEE Fellow ,University of Southern California electrical engineering and computer science ,Kai Hwang; IEEE Fellow, the University of Seattle, Washington, Jenq-Neng Hwang; IEEE Fellow ,Taiwan Fengjia University Information Engineering Department, Chin-Chen Chang;National Key Laboratory of Pattern Recognition,the institute of Automation,China-Sinfapore’s Institute of Digital Media,Xu Changsheng,and so on.

The experts and scholars from 13 famous universities abroad, the more than 80 colleges and universities ,30 research institutes ,participate the conference.Lots of the participant are famous at home and abroad of all the 200 peolple who participate the conference.

During the meeting, Li Lian ,Kai Hwang, Jenq-Neng Hwang Chin-Chen Chang,Xu Changsheng ,Hua Yunsheng ,the six at home and abroad, and otherwell-known experts done a wonderful report. and more than 100 scientific workers have done the report.The contents of the report mainly related to the various aspects of the Ubi-media.