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Congratulating four students from DSLab receive MS. Degree in computer area

Bai Shuwei, Pu Yiqiao, She Kairui and Zhang Wei who are from DSLab get MS. degree  in computer area from Lanzhou University successful today. In the past three years, the four students focus on the safety research system. Their achievement is excellent in the past three. They published 20 papers total and one is indexed by SCI, 9 is indexed by EI. Two of them received IBM Outstanding Students Scholarship. As the team leader or main team members achieved the Final Contest in 2006 Power Designing Contest Top 2, 2007  Power Designing Contest Excellent Award, 2008 Gansu Challenge Cup accessit.

DSLab applied the security network storage project successfully

With WESLAB company, DSLab applied the SeNS(SEcure Network Storage) project from DSI (Data Storage Institute) which was ranked among the top five storage Research & Development centres worldwide in Singapore. SeNS system wiil follow IEEE P1619.1, AES-XTS, AES256, SHA256 standard and support but not limited to iSCSI and FC channel protocols.

DSLab’s two projects have won the Challenge CUP

DSLab’s two projects have won the Challenge CUP


The evening of May 20, Gansu Province, the seventh “Challenge Cup” competition’s awards assembly was hold in the Yuzhong District Lecture Hall C302 .

DSLab’s two project “Xianglong Wireless Server Based On Solar Energy” and “TinyCNC Embedded Numerical Control System” have won the First Prize and Second Prize.