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XM-eRTL-4.0 release candidate 1 (rc1) has been announced

Announcement of XM-eRTL-4.0 release candidate 1 (rc1)
eRTL release XM-eRTL-4.0 as replacement for the legacy RTLinux/GPL 3.2 is now ready for download as release candidate 1 (XM-eRTL-4.0-rc1).
XM/eRTL based on the hypervisor XtratuM 1 as well as PaRTiKLe developed at theUniversital Politecnica de Valencia is now being continued by DSLab at Lanzhou University and has been extended to be a full featured replacement of RTLinux/GPL.
The wiki of XM/eRTL is

The development tree has been moved to git and is publically available at:

You can also use:

git clone

and appropriate infrastructure to allow community interaction,patch-submission, repository access is being set up.

The DSLab team will continue to develop and enhance XM-eRTL in the future in tight coordination with the Universitat Politecnica de Valencia,DISCA, based on strong POSIX binding and compatibility to the vanilla Linux kernel as its root domain.
Enhancements in this first release candidate include:

XM-FIFO : fifo communication extension between RT and non-RT domains

XM-SHM  : shared memory module

XM-TRACE: a runtime tracer for XtratuM core and RT domains

XM-DEV  : XtratuM device driver domain

Modules under Development:

XM-PPC  : though still in the test phase XM-eRTL-4.0 is in the alpha stage

on PowerPC 440 and 405.

XM-MIPS : still in an early development stage XM-eRTL-4.0 is targeting

support for the Loongson MIPS processors (2F)

The DSLab XtratuM team.